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Good Health Can Help You Better Enjoy Life

Young Man Cycling in a ForestWhen your body is healthy, your mind knows it.

Having great metabolic health is life-changing. It allows your body to function on all cylinders—the way it’s supposed to—and also gives you the energy you need to enjoy life to the fullest!

Of course, treating prediabetes and avoid the onset of diabetes is critical to full enjoyment of your life. If your body is able to process blood sugar optimally and your overall health is strong, then you’re physically ready to be active and charge through a weekend of barbecues, sports, family time and leisure activities!

So what’s on your agenda for this weekend?

Why not try one of these activities…

1. Ride your bicycle in the countryside.
Bicycling is a fantastic way to burn calories and get cardiovascular exercise. Take in the smell of spring and beautiful flowers that accompany it and explore the nearby countryside with a leisurely jaunt—there isn’t a better way to log in workout hours than doing it in the great outdoors.

2. Visit a museum or art gallery.
Expand your knowledge of local or not-so-local art. Spend a few hours perusing the collection at a museum you’ve always wanted to go to. Bring your family or a friend, too!

3. Experiment with a new recipe!
Cooking takes time and preparation, and chances are you have more time and energy to spare on the weekend. Pick a delicious recipe you’ve been wanting to try for a while, like this amazing Italian Cioppino.

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