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5 Treats That Are Prediabetes-Friendly

Fruit leatherDespite your best dieting efforts, around this time of year it’s tough to say “no” to candy. And people who need to control their blood sugar levels—including prediabetics and diabetics—must take extra caution when it comes to the food they eat.

Don’t worry: Sweets aren’t off limits for prediabetics and diabetics; you just have to choose their sweet treats wisely.

Here are 5 Halloween treat options that are better for people who are watching their waistline and blood sugar levels…

Fruit snacks and fruit leather.
Ditch the traditional sugar-choked chewy candies, especially the ones covered in sweet and sour dust. (These candies contain between 150-250 calories and 30-35 grams of sugar per serving!)

Instead, opt for high-quality fruit snacks, which have between 70-90 calories and 10 grams of sugar per bag. Fruit leather is another good bet: It’s made of 100% real fruit!

Dark chocolate.
Rich in antioxidants, dark chocolate with a high percentage of cocoa is much healthier than milk chocolate. Dark chocolate has health benefits: Its flavonoids can help lower insulin resistance and improve blood glucose regulation, say studies. But not all dark chocolate is created equal–some are high in sugar and calories. Look for dark chocolate that contains 70% cocoa or more.

Sugar-free candy.
People with prediabetes and diabetes know to cut down on sugar consumption. Sugar-free candy is made from a variety of artificial sweeteners, though products made from sugar alcohols like xylitol are best for people with prediabetes because they have a lower effect on blood sugar levels.

Minty gum.
Though not the most exciting option for young children, most minty gum is much healthier than chocolate or hard candy and lasts longer.

Fresh fruit.
We know—it doesn’t sound very enticing, but fruit contains natural sugar that can satisfy your sugar craving. Some fabu ideas: Freeze a banana (or keep it at room temperature), dip it in almond butter and roll the dipped banana in cacao nibs. You can also nosh on sliced peaches swimming in chunky oatmeal (topped with granola, if you feel the urge). And don’t forget that fresh fruit pairs deliciously with plain frozen yogurt!

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