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Leaf Extract May Lower Blood Sugar Pikes

Mulberry-plantYou know that famous spring song “Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush”? Well, if you’re diabetic, you may want to find a mulberry tree: It could help you manage the blood sugar levels!

A study published in the Journal of Functional Foods found that mulberry leaf extract could lower blood sugar spikes.

In the four-week study, researchers tracked rats with induced diabetes and rats without diabetes. The rats were fed the same diet, but some diabetic rats also received powdered mulberry supplements from a white mulberry tree cultivated in Poland. The diabetic rats were divided into three groups, and each received a different form of mulberry: either dried mulberry leaves, mulberry extracted with ethanol, or mulberry extracted with acetone. Two control groups, consisting of diabetic and and non-diabetic rats, did not receive supplements.

The researchers discovered that all rats who were given mulberry supplements had significantly lower blood glucose levels after 10 days and maintained the low levels at 28 days. The rats who were treated with ethanol-extract mulberry saw the steepest reduction in blood sugar levels (at 49%).

Remember, research in rats aren’t necessarily indicative of what will happen when the same test is administered in humans. The researchers caution that other compounds in mulberry leaf extracts could have affected the results.

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