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Specialized Prediabetes Screening Can Help You Find Out if You’re Developing Diabetes

Physician with PreDiabetes Centers clientHave you ever felt like you had a condition but had been told by the doctor you had something else?

Well, you might have been right!

At least 5% of Americans–12 million people–are misdiagnosed every year, says a study published in the journal BMJ Quality & Safety.

The misdiagnoses occur outside of the hospital, such as in doctors’ offices and outpatient clinics, say the researchers, who estimate that 1 in 20 patients are misdiagnosed in an outpatient facility. They noted that efforts to improve patient safety have been focused on patients in hospitals, not in outpatient settings.

That means getting a second opinion may not be such a bad idea after all! It could confirm that you indeed have the condition the doctor says you have, or it could identify a new condition you were unaware of.

Many PreDiabetes Centers clients said they had symptoms for several months and were unaware of their condition. After receiving biomarker-based screening, they learned they actually had a serious condition–prediabetes, the beginning stage of type 2 diabetes.

Get screened today to find out if you have prediabetes, a condition that is often missed in doctors’ offices since the symptoms can be so mild, they can be easily ignored. Only an advanced blood screening can tell for sure if your body is on the road to developing diabetes.

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