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Do Doctors Make You Nervous?

Physician with PreDiabetes Centers clientAccording to a new study, being in the presence of a doctor really can be unsettling and raise your blood pressure!

In a study published in the British Journal of General Practice, researchers looked at data from 1,000 people who had their blood pressure taken by both a nurse and a doctor during the same visit. They found that the blood pressure readers were much higher when taken by the doctor compared to the nurse.

The difference was high enough for some patients to be diagnosed with high blood pressure, when, really, the reading when taken by the nurse was below the threshold for hypertension.

Are doctors that intimidating?

We don’t think so!

Maybe that’s the difference with Concierge Medicine (the kind you get at PreDiabetes Centers) versus a traditional doctor’s office. Our prediabetes physicians are friendly and approachable, and make you feel at ease immediately.

Come on in for a free prediabetes screening and find out for yourself how friendly and unintimidating our doctors are!

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