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Try Our Veggie-Packed Bloody Maria With or Without Tequila

Bloody-mariaCinco de Mayo is next week, which means it’s time to get the party started, Mexican-style!

You may be looking for something creative to do in the kitchen in preparation for Cinco festivities. How about making a delicious, Mexi-inspired juice?

If you’re like us, you probably aren’t motivated to use that juicer that’s been collecting dust in the back of the pantry for the last year. Tip: Bust out that juicer and make a silky, nutritious mixer for your next cocktail!

Making your own juice allows you to control what’s going into your beverage. You can get all the flavor and nutrients you need in freshly made juice but without the sugar and chemicals that come with processed juices, which are often used as mixers in cocktails.

Our Bloody Maria (it’s like a Bloody Mary, only with tequila) is tangy and fresh, capturing all of your favorite flavors from south of the border. Simply process in your juicer a handful of ingredients, including celery, tomatoes, cucumber, carrots and lemons. Spike it with smooth aged tequila, or leave off the liquor and enjoy the non-alcoholic version for breakfast. Get the recipe.

This is the perfect sipping beverage to kick off the weekend (and will be even better on Cinco de Mayo)!

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