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Diabetes Prevention: Pack Nutritious Snacks

Hummus SnackAre you guilty of lazy grazing?

You know, stuffing Cheetos, bite-size candies and other unmentionables in your mouth because they’re nearby?

We all are!

The key to eating healthy snacks is simple: Have healthy, store-bought (or homemade!) snacks within arm’s reach in your purse, car, or desk drawer. That way, you have healthy snacks with you no matter where you are.

Be careful when choosing so-called healthy snacks at the grocery store. Some contain a ton of calories and fat. Also, foods labeled “multi-grain” or “wheat grain” are typically made with refined grains (which are stripped of their nutrition during processing). Tip look for “whole grain” when shopping for snacks. And “reduced-fat” foods usually contain more sugar than their regular counterparts.

The PreDiabetes Centers health team recommends KIND Fruit & Nut and KIND Plus bars, but only in these flavors (the recipes have more nutrients): Peanut Butter & Strawberry; Nut Delight; Almond Cashew with Flax & Omega 3; Blueberry, Pecan & Fiber; Pomegranate, Blueberry, Pistachio & Antioxidants.

Other options?

Sprouted whole grain bread with hummus and alfalfa sprouts or sliced tomato, 1/2 cup low-fat Greek yogurt with 1 diced kiwi and 1 tablespoon cashews, steamed edamame, or rice cake with peanut butter and dried cranberries.

Remember, eating healthfully is an important part of an effective diabetes prevention plan. Get more info on diabetes prevention meal planning!

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