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Study Says That a Bit of Intense Activity Before Meals Is Good for Diabetes

Couple walking outdoors

Walking helps muscles absorb blood sugar and increases insulin uptake.

Do you break a small sweat before meals? If you’re slaving over a hot stove, then it’s a possibility…

No, the kind of sweat we’re talking about is from exercise. If you’re not doing a mini-workout pre-meal, you should! A new Diabetologia study says that short, intense activity before you nosh a meal can help with blood sugar control.

A small study of type 2 diabetics showed that doing short, high-paced burst activity right before eating led to just a small rise in blood sugar following the meal and lower blood glucose levels throughout the rest of the day. When study participants took a six one-minute-long walks up a steep incline on a treadmill (walking slowly on zero incline in between bursts, totaling a 12-minute walk), the researchers found that the people had a larger drop in blood sugar compared to people who walked slowly and continuously for 30 minutes.

This exercise is like an appetizer of interval training–a type of exercise PreDiabetes Centers recommends to clients!

Many studies have shown that interval training can significantly improve insulin sensitivity and reduce body fat. That’s why our health coaches encourage clients to incorporate interval training into their schedule as often as possible.

Even before meals, according to the latest findings!

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