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179530184We know that firefighters put out fires and rescue cats from trees, but what else do they do?

It turns out that in addition to posing for hunky wall calendars and sliding down fire poles, firefighters are often first responders to diabetes-related emergencies.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), there were over 11,482,000 diabetes-designated emergency responses in 2009.

11 million!

Unfortunately, the data does not clarify which emergency visits were caused by type 2 diabetes and which were caused by type 1, but for one fire station outside of Portland, OR, the situation has raised alarm.

To promote awareness for National Diabetes Month, the Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue crew from Fire Station 65 will be hosting the Firehouse Cooking Challenge. All November, the firehouse will be publishing one diabetes-friendly recipe from each firehouse in their district.

You can read all about Fire Station 65’s efforts to improve firehouse cooking habits in Katy Muldoon’s delightful news story in the Oregonian, or you can visit the fire department’s website,, to see all of the recipes.

Worried someone may have to call 911 to save you from a diabetic emergency?

Don’t be.

With advanced blood testing, the earliest signs of diabetes can be seen as easily as a firehouse dalmatian’s spots! Then, with proper treatment, diabetes can be avoided entirely.

Happy reading!

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