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How Prediabetes Affects Your Pancreas

Pancreas partially obscured by stomach

The pancreas is a small, fist-sized organ located behind the stomach.

If you are prediabetic, processes in your body may be causing your pancreas to overwork itself and slowly wear out.

Your pancreas is a fist-sized organ located behind your stomach. Cells in the pancreas are responsible for producing insulin, the hormone that moves sugar from your blood into cells. If your cells grow resistant to insulin – which happens to people with prediabetes – sugar begins to build up in your blood. This causes your pancreas to go into overdrive.

To compensate for the extra blood sugar, your pancreas produces more and more insulin, unaware that it is having no effect. After years of constant insulin production, your pancreas can stop functioning completely.

That’s why you see some type 2 diabetics injecting themselves with insulin. Since their pancreas can no longer produce the hormone, diabetics must continuously monitor their blood sugar and supply more insulin if needed to control blood glucose levels.

This doesn’t have to happen to you. If you have prediabetes, there is still time to reverse the process and prevent diabetes. The first step is to have your blood tested for the hormone C-peptide.

C-peptide is produced at the same rate as insulin, making it an excellent marker for how well your pancreas is functioning.

If you’re over 45 years old or overweight, it’s a good idea to have your C-peptide levels measured. Your doctor probably tests your blood sugar every year, but this doesn’t give as much information about the health of your pancreas.

Lucky for you, comprehensive prediabetes blood testing is free. Sign up for a free blood draw today and find out if your pancreas needs a break.

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