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Exercise Video

This incredible full-body exercise works your lat muscles, lower body, and your core region. It’s great because it also specifically targets your hamstrings. Pro tip: Make this exercise more challenging by extending one leg out and elevating it while you complete each chop.

Step By Step Instructions

Step 1

Lie on your back with your knees bent, your heels on the ground, and your toes pointed up. Using both hands, raise a dumbbell directly above you, and use your heels to raise your hips off of the mat.

 Step 2

In a smooth motion, raise the dumbbell over your head, and then move it over your body down to your hips. As you complete each chop, keep your toes pointed and hips level throughout.

For the progression, extend one leg out and elevate it while  completing the chop. Start with 5 standard chop repetitions. Once you are comfortable, complete 10 repetitions, move to the progression, completing 2 reps on each side.