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Exercise Video

This advanced exercise is part of a series of plank positions that you can do once you master the standard prone plank and one-leg prone plank. It’s amazing for exercising your entire core region. As with all planks, remember to maintain rhythmic breathing and to engage your abdominal muscles throughout the exercise.

Step By Step Instructions

Step 1

Lie on your stomach, with your elbows at your sides (close to your shoulders). Keep your palms flat on the mat.

 Step 2

Using your forearms, lift your torso off of the mat. The only parts of your body in contact with the mat should be your forearms and your toes.

 Step 3

Gently kick a foot out to the side, touch your toe to the floor, and then return it to its starting position. Keep your back straight and your hips low and level throughout each kick. Repeat using the other foot.