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Exercise Video

Planks are amazing exercises for the entire core region. They work out your abdmonial muscles, your low back, and even your hips. Hold the plank position for 5 seconds, and increase to 10 seconds or more as able. When you can hold your plank for 30 seconds, you’re ready to advance to the progression. Pro tip: To make this exercise even more challenging, try the progression, balancing yourself on just one leg at a time.

Step By Step Instructions

Step 1

Lie on your stomach, with your elbows at your sides (close to your shoulders) and your toes touching the ground. Have your palms facing the ground.

 Step 2

Lift your body off of your forearms and hold. The only parts of your body in contact with the mat should be your forearms and your toes. Keep your back flat and your hips level throughout.