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The RESET nutrition plan is your first big challenge. It’s designed to jumpstart your healing process. For 7 days you’ll eat completely plant-based foods that have no cholesterol, added sugar, chemicals, preservatives, food coloring or texturizers. You will abstain from eating meat; instead, you will get protein from other food sources during this time. RESET foods are low in sodium and rich in vitamins, minerals and protective phytonutrients.

RESET is a right of passage that many of our clients come back to when they want to drop a few pounds or recommit to getting healthier. By completing the diet, you’ll officially be part of the club!

Download the Menu Plan and Grocery Lists

We’ve plotted out seven days worth of RESET meals, so you’ll know exactly what to eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks while you’re on the RESET plan. Get prepared for the week by downloading these lists and then make a trip to the grocery store.

Stay the Course

The closer you stay to whole foods in the RESET diet, the faster your body will respond to good nutrition. In addition to the menu plans, grocery lists and tips we’ll provide you with each week, we’ll also supply you with a list of foods to include and exclude. These lists are essential. If you must stray from our prepared menu plans, use these lists to stay in line with dietary goals.

Experiment with Concierge Nutrition Recipes

Cooking at home will allow you to build your healthy meal preparation skills and become familiar with the foods you’re feeding your body. Experiment as often as possible with new foods and recipes, and visit a local health food store—or the health foods section of a grocery store—to get more familiar with healthy foods. You may not like every dish, but sampling a wide variety will allow you to discover a handful of favorites to incorporate into your life.

Be Brave: Make the Nutrition Plan Work for You
More than anything else, your success at PreD University will be determined by your ability to try new unfamiliar things. The RESET diet will challenge you, but it will open your eyes to a brand new world of healthy eating. If you goof up and make a mistake, persevere! It’s only seven days. Preventing diabetes can add years to your life and your health is worth it.