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Improved Sleep and Good Weight Management Can Help Reverse the Onset of Diabetes

57440913Dropping extra pounds is a good step in the prevention of diabetes.

And guess what? It can also help you catch more Zzz’s and boost your mood!

According to a study presented at the International Society of Endocrinology, people who lose a little bit of weight may also be able to get longer, more satisfying sleep.

In the study, which tracked 390 obese women and men assigned to one of three diet and exercise weight-loss programs, researchers found that people who lost at least 5% of their weight after six months–no matter which program they were in–slept an average of about 22 minutes more each night, compared to their sleep duration before the study.

People who lost less than 5% of their weight gained just one more minute of sleep a night.

Those who lost at least 5% also reported improved quality of sleep and a boost in their overall mood.

Getting deep, restorative sleep is critical to good health. It allows your body to restore itself and repair tissue, and it can also aid in blood sugar control.

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