Measure Your Progress with Biomarker Blood Testing

Advanced biomarker testing is the best way to understand your individual biology.  The advancement in biomarker science has the advantage of predicting many diseases before someone begins to manifest the signs and symptoms of the disease. Prediabetes is a perfect example. Blood sugars that are in the diabetes range can cause fatigue, blurry vision, weakness, increased thirst and increased urination. Had blood panels been drawn early in the disease process, blood sugars and insulin levels would have indicated a problem that needed to be addressed urgently. By addressing these issues early, there is a great chance of reversing the process.

Core biomarker blood tests are part of an overall health program that allows you to:

  • assess your risk for developing type 2 diabetes
  • understand how your body is responding to glucose (also known as blood sugar)–this helps determine if you have type 2 diabetes, a prediabetic condition or metabolic syndrome
  • measure levels of important hormone biomarkers associated with fat cells
  • measure inflammation
  • understand advanced cholesterol biomarkers
  • monitor the effect of medical treatment and/or lifestyle changes

Frequently Asked Questions

What biomarkers are included in my test?

Our lab affliate allows for you to order the tests you want!

Multiple lab modules are available.  These include basic wellness labs, inflammation labs, advanced cholesterol testing, weight loss and optimal metabolism labs, sex and energy markers, and omega’s, nutrients and heavy metal labs.

When should I get tested?

We recommend biomarker evaluation at the beginning of the 12-week boot camp and at the end of the 12-week boot camp.

How do I provide my blood sample?

Providing a blood sample is pretty easy.

There are over 4000 affliated direct lab draw stations nationwide for your convenience. They are able to service all states except New York, New Jersey, Maryland and Rhode Island.

Please visit this direct lab site to order your labs.


How do I retrieve my results?

You will receive an email when your results are available. Simply click the link in the email to review your lab report.

Is a an app I can use to view my lab results?

Your laboratory data can be accessed by downloading the MyQuestApp after your blood has been drawn.

How long does it take for the laboratory to process my sample and release my results?

It takes about 7-10 days to process your blood and release your results.

Do I need to see my physician before I order my own labs?

Direct access is allowed in all but a few states.  This empowers you to obtain your own laboratory testing on your terms if you so desire. We strongly encourage everyone to always share this information with their physicians.

Does insurance cover the blood testing?

Our affliate offers labs directly to consumers at a 50-80% savings.  This has turned out to be an excellent option for our clients who have large deductibles and want to obtain lower cost labs on their terms.