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Medical Director Lauren Loya, MD, Featured on “Pittsburgh Living”


Dr. Lauren Loya being interviewed on “Pittsburgh Living.”

We’re tremendously excited about our Pittsburgh doctor’s recent appearance on “Pittsburgh Living,” a news program on CBS-affiliated KDKA-TV channel 2 in Pittsburgh.

Dr. Lauren Loya, who heads up the hard-charging, compassionate prediabetes health team in the Steel City, was interviewed by Carol Lee Espy, the show’s host, and dished on everything prediabetes.

Loya explained that prediabetes sounds like a harmless disorder, but it isn’t.

“Prediabetes is a warning, but in some ways [prediabetes] is not ‘pre’ anything,” said Loya.

Serious damage that’s typically associated with diabetes occurs when a person has the earlier stage of prediabetes. People with prediabetes have a doubled risk of heart disease, Loya notes.

Loya explains why prediabetes is so common and who should be tested for prediabetes…

Check out the interview!

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