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Frequency of Meals Plays a Role in Weight Loss and Blood Sugar Control

Woman Family Eating BreakfastYou may want to consolidate your calories in fewer meals. It could be beneficial to your health!

A new Diabetologia study says that two large meals are better than six small meals when it comes to controlling weight and blood sugar in people with type 2 diabetes.

In the study, 54 patients between 30-70 years of age followed a low-calorie diet that contained 500 calories less than the recommended daily amount. One group ate their calories in six small meals while the other group received two large meals (breakfast and lunch). The participants–all of whom were receiving oral diabetes drugs–ate the same macronutrients and, at the end of the study, all showed an improvement in health, although the six-meal-a-day group saw an increase fasting plasma glucagon.

But the two-large-meal-eaters saw the greatest benefit.

The researchers found that those who ate only breakfast and lunch reduced their body weight, liver fat content, fasting plasma glucose, C-peptide and glucagon, and increased OGIC (the hormone that converts glycogen back to glucose) more than those who ate six smaller meals during the day.

At PreDiabetes Centers, we encourage our clients to eat their first meal soon in the morning, and to also have a nutritious, whole grains– and whole foods-packed lunch. Make sure these two meals are satisfying and healthy—it may help prevent the development of diabetes.

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