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Pancreas, Breast and Other Cancers Prevalent in Patients with Earliest Stage of Type 2 Diabetes, Called Prediabetes

Breast cancer screeningWe know there’s a link between diabetes and cancer.

Now, research says that even people with prediabetes are at greater risk for cancer.

The risk of developing cancer is 15% higher in people with prediabetes, according to a research team that looked at more than 900,000 participants from several countries in 16 different studies. When the researchers factored in participants’ high body mass index (a measure of obesity and a risk factor for both prediabetes and cancer), they found that the risk jumped to 22%.

The Diabetologia study found that risk is increased for certain types of cancer, including colorectal, stomach, liver, pancreas, breast and endometrial cancers.

The study’s lead author noted that prediabetes is prevalent worldwide and “successful intervention in this large population could have a major public health impact.”

He also noted that the diabetes drug metformin has been shown to protect against cancer. But it’s not known if metformin therapy in prediabetics is effective in reducing cancer risk.

Lower your risk of cancer today by getting tested for diabetes. Stopping one disease may help stop the other!

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