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SunshineWhy People with Prediabetes Need Vitamin D

Today is the first day of spring! Hurray!

Is the sun shining bright where you live, bathing the landscape in the warmth and abundance that spring symbolizes?

If not, don’t worry–it’ll be balmy and beautiful all across the U.S. soon enough!

Sunshine is important, and not just because it gives your skin a healthy golden glow.

Exposure to the sun is essential for the body’s production of vitamin D. The vitamin boosts bone health by promoting calcium absorption, cell growth, immune function, and inflammation control.

You can also get vitamin D from the diet and in supplement form.

People who are insulin resistant–including prediabetics and diabetics–often have low levels of vitamin D. Darker-skinned people may also have low levels, because the melanin in the skin hinders the synthesis of vitamin D. Actually, a lot of Americans are vitamin D deficient–about three-quarters of the population, according to reports.

Experts recommend getting 5-30 minutes of sun exposure a day, depending on the time of day and strength of the sunlight.

To ensure your body is getting adequate vitamin D, it’s also a good idea to supplement with vitamin D.

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