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Diabetes Risk Runs Rampant in Generation X

Middle-Age-CoupleGeneration X—those born from the early ’60s to 1980—is known for many things: being highly educated, more successful than their parents and blissfully family-oriented.

According to an Australian study, Gen X’ers are also fatter and at twice the risk of developing diabetes.

Researchers at the University of Adelaide in South Australia looked at national healthy survey data for people at age 25 and then at 44 years. They found that Gen X’ers were less likely to smoke but they had a 50% higher chance of being obese, compared to Baby Boomers (their parents who were born from ’46 to ’65). Not surprisingly, these people also had an increased risk of diabetes—especially in men.

Sedentary behavior and a high-fat, high-sugar diet is fueling the obesity and diabetes trend among these people, says the study.

So if you think your 70-year-old dad may have diabetes, there’s a better chance you’re the one who’s on the road to diabetes!

Find out if, like many Gen X’ers, you might have diabetes or prediabetes.

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