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People with Diabetes and Other Chronic Conditions Should Keep Cool in Hot Weather

Man ready for fun at sunny tropical beachAs you prepare for the long holiday weekend, it’s important to keep sun safety at the top of your priority list.

Heat-related illness can be serious (and sometimes fatal!). Heat exhaustion, heat fatigue and heat stroke can occur when a person is exposed to high temperatures or by doing physical activity in hot weather. The elderly, young children and people with chronic health conditions, such as diabetes, are especially at risk.

Here are tips for avoiding heat-related illness:

  • Drink plenty of fluids (nonalcoholic)
  • Wear loose-fitting, lightweight clothing during hot weather
  • Rest often when outside
  • Stay indoors, preferably in an air-conditioned place (public places such as a shopping mall are air-conditioned and offer relief)
  • Avoid strenuous physical activity, including outdoor exercise, during hot or humid weather

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