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Measuring Patient ‘Activation’ Grades a Person’s Ability to Manage His or Her Health

Woman talking with doctorAre you a highly “activated” patient?

If you take your meds, have your cholesterol checked, and schedule colonoscopies and other preventive screenings, then you’re highly activated–which means you take an active role in your health.

Highly activated patients think more responsibly about health, are focused on building a healthy lifestyle and do a good job of embracing new, healthy behaviors. They’re also more likely to achieve better health and incur lower health care costs, say studies.

Some employers, health plans and hospitals use Patient Activation Measures (called PAM) to predict how engaged a person will be in their health care. It allows an organization to customize the support they give patients to reduce the risk of hospital readmission and tailor interventions for not-so-highly activated patients.

Staying on top of your health–tending to your personal heath conditions, maintaining a good-for-you diet and fitness regimen, and staying on top of new conditions as they develop–can be really tough!

To help our patients change dangerous, unhealthy lifestyle behaviors and take the necessary steps to treat illness and dysfunction, we have a secret weapon: The PreDiabetes Centers health coach.

The health coach monitors a patient’s progress and guides the patient through long-term treatment–giving the knowledge and skills needed to stay dedicated and motivating patients when necessary.

Meet health coach Tanja Burkinshaw, who is passionate about coaching patients to better health and takes special care to educate clients on nutrition—an important health aspect patients often find troublesome!

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